Biometric Systems Bring An Extra Level Of Security

Safe-guarding with fingerprint recognition technology.

Biometric Systems With Fingerprint Recognition

WLS biometric systems use the latest in fingerprint recognition and fingerprint lock technologies and work just as well in internal or external settings. They are as quick and easy-to-use as conventional card or fob access control systems but more secure.

Biometric Access Control For Schools, Hospitals Offices & Warehouses

Because biometric access control systems bring an extra level of security we particularly recommend them for sensitive settings like:

      • schools, colleges and universities

      • hospitals and medical centres

      • offices and server rooms

      • factories and warehouses with high-value inventories

As a fingerprint is of course unique to each individual, there is virtually no risk of unauthorised visitors accessing areas where restricted access is needed.

Access control systems

How WLS Biometric Fingerprint Readers Work

Biometric fingerprint readers compare your fingerprint with a previously scanned recording of your print, stored as a unique algorithm. WLS fingerprint access systems open access points as smoothly and quickly as card or fob systems. This is not only because the fingerprint reading is much better but the actual way the reader communicates with automatic doors and gates is also more efficient.

All Weather Applications

Our biometric access systems can be installed internally or externally. IP65 rated, water and vandal proof readers mean that access is just as smooth with outside access points, even if the finger is dirty, cold or greasy. Reliable year-round outdoor use is now a reality.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Types


TDSi's DIGIgarde PLUS is an attractive and cost-effective fingerprint reader combining all authentication modes: PIN, card and fingerprint into one unit. This allows you to choose your required level of security. DIGIgarde PLUS has a high-resolution optical sensor and an extremely quick matching algorithm. An IP65 rating means it's water resistant, allowing internal or external installation. Other features include tamper protection and PoE (Power over Ethernet) ready, so it does not require a separate power cable.

Ievo Ultimate

Ievo's internal and external fingerprint readers combine reliability, quality and innovation. Ultimate is an internal or external biometric reader also with an IP65 rating. It is vandal resistant and tamper-proof, with optional spoof protection. The reader uses multi-spectral imaging. Its sensor can scan through some levels of dust, debris, moisture and some latex gloves. Therefore, it is suitable for almost any business in any industry.

Suprema BioLite & BioEntry

Suprema's compact readers, BioLite and BioEntry, are stylish and easy to install, combining world-renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering. Suprema provide a wide range of readers to suit a variety of sites. Their products are at the higher end of the biometric market. Consequently, they are the staple of large corporations and multinational conglomerates.