It’s that time of year again. Nature is creating a fabulous display of colour in the trees, the shops are full of Halloween paraphernalia and it’s time to pull all those winter woollies out from the back of the wardrobe and hunt for a matching pair of gloves.

There are many treats of the season but the darker nights and gloomy mornings can often bring with them a few tricks too, and autumn is often the time of year that vulnerabilities in your security systems begin to show.

For example, you may have CCTV security installed for your premises, but is it sophisticated enough to provide good image quality even in low light or bad weather? And how long is it since your system was serviced or tested? If you’re relying on your CCTV for ANPR control of vehicles through automated gates, barriers or bollards too, now is the time to check that everything’s in order.

At WLS, it’s our mission to make your world safer. That includes advising building occupiers, management companies and construction contractors on what’s needed to keep premises secure; night and day and all year round. We’re also here to install it for you too, whether you need a complete electronic security system or an upgrade to what’s already in place, and to carry out security equipment servicing so that it’s always delivering to your requirements.

It’s important to remember that security threats to your building may change over time, either because of differences in the way you occupy the premises or local changes beyond your control. For example, the owners of a neighbouring building might decide to locate a smokers’ shelter in plain sight of your loading bay – do you need to monitor that? The layout of the local road network may change, does you security system need to adapt accordingly?

Our advice is always to consider any factors that could increase your vulnerability to compromised security – the darker nights and mornings of autumn and winter are a significant consideration. Indeed, the Metropolitan Police estimate that domestic burglaries increase by 25% during the winter months and commercial premises are just as exposed to risk. Not only does reduced light provide the opportunity for criminal activity but inclement weather also means fewer people milling around to witness it.

After a sweltering summer, we’re enjoying the natural rhythm of a change in the season but vigilance is key, and it pays to approach the end of the year with a critical eye on your security arrangements.

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