Could Your CCTV Cameras be Working Harder?

The UK has around six million CCTV cameras, with at least 500,000 of them located in London, making us one of the most watched cities in the world. The question is, are all those cameras making us any safer?

In many cases, the answer is no. While monitoring exits using cameras acts as a deterrent and enables breaches in security to be identified, in many cases, cameras are not monitored 24/7 and do not trigger other measures that could prevent security from being compromised.

However, where technology is fully leveraged and CCTV cameras are integrated with other technologies, CCTV cameras can sit at the heart of a security installation that can make an environment both safer and more secure.

Integration & Smart CCTV Technology

Integration and smart technology have become the cornerstone of safety and security solutions that genuinely meet the needs of occupiers and are flexible enough to adapt when those needs – or the occupiers – change. At WLS, our remit as security specialists has evolved, with integration and programming now forming an important part of the turnkey service we offer in specifying, installing and maintaining security systems.

Understanding the User

So, what does all that mean in practice? For WLS it means ensuring a thorough understanding of the building’s layout, who will be using it, how they will use it and where their security vulnerabilities lie.

From here, we not only specify the right combination of technologies, but we can also integrate and program them in a way that considers risk and creates cause and effect scenarios for triggering different elements of the security installation, depending on the event. We can even integrate the security installation with other building services elements, such as the lighting, lifts, AOVs and plant, via the BMS, to ensure that the building responds holistically to protect occupiers in the event of a fire or intruder and to protect assets in the event of a breach of security protocol.

Making Technology Work Harder

Individual fire and security technologies are becoming more advanced all the time, but it’s only through integration of different systems that we can really leverage the value of each one as part of a complete, user-focused solution.

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