Access Control Systems

We supply and install high quality access control systems. You can keep your premises safe and secure whilst still providing convenient access to users.

The high grade entry systems we use can include audio, video, wireless, biometric scanners, fob access and more. They are produced by top manufacturers with a reputation for excellence.

The systems our team use can be combined with video, biometric scanners, fob access, wireless and more. We supply from all of the top manufacturers including BPT, Comelit, Aiphone and Urmet.

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All our systems are designed and installed in a way that is aesthetically appealing, and compliant with insurance requirements, the disability discrimination act, and local authority restrictions. Many customers also use us for repair, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring of their systems.

We have successfully completed many projects over the past 30 years. From small installations to projects for Channel 4, The Royal Exchange Building and the University of Essex.

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