Automated electric bollards.

Why Your Business Needs Automated Electric Bollards & Security Gates

Automated electric bollards have seen a rise in usage over the past three years.  One of the biggest manufacturers, BFT, report a 20% year on year growth in sales, so what is it that makes them such a popular alternative to traditional automatic electric gates? Perhaps the main answer to this is that the space needed to accommodate a bollard is so much less than a gate but yet at the same time they are more resilient to forced attack – particularly the new generation of PAS68 bollards which are tested to stop dead a lorry, travelling up to 40mph!

Security Gates For Businesses & Homes

Security gates have an aesthetic benefit as well as being a resilient and modern form of security for your business or home.  They can be customised and automated to be sliding or swing motion, dependant on the client’s preference and space availability.

It is not necessary to always compare the benefits of automated bollards and gates separately, they can also be combined to provide a robust level of security.

Installing Automated Electric Bollards With Security Gates

Automated electric bollards are installed just behind the security gates and as the gates open the bollards retract. Once the gates close the bollards rise behind them.  This is particularly useful in areas such as small trading estates – often chosen by fly tippers and other petty criminals. The bollards behind the gates are easily visible at night, with their crown of neon lights on top, deterring even the most determined ram raider. The combination of security gate and automated bollards, ensures there is no free access to either pedestrian or vehicle.

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