CCTV system at Twickenham Recycling Centre

Video Encoders For Cost-effective CCTV Upgrades

Video encoders and video decoders allow you to integrate your existing analogue CCTV camera installation with a new network or IP CCTV system. You can gain all the benefits of a network-based IP CCTV system without discarding existing analogue cameras and cabling. This can create huge savings for schools and colleges, small offices, residential properties and housing associations. Or, any situation where the budget does not allow for a full IP CCTV upgrade in a single phase.

Benefits of video encoders

The benefits of using video encoders include better quality recorded images and the ability to use video analytics. Video encoders also allow you to carry out a phased upgrade of your CCTV system from analogue to IP. This is perfect if you cannot afford a complete overhaul of your analogue CCTV system straight away. You can add new IP cameras to your analogue system as you go.

How do video encoders work?

Encoders convert analogue video signals into digital video streams. You can then transmit them over a wired or wireless IP-based network (LAN, WLAN and internet). This allows you to watch and record CCTV footage on PCs rather than DVRs and analogue monitors. It is also much easier to search through the footage. Plus, you can view the images wherever you are via the mobile network on your smart phone or tablet.

Video decoders

As you probably guessed, video decoders turn an encoded or IP CCTV signal back into an analogue signal. This is useful when there are broken cables or no way of running cables. In these instances, you can turn the analogue signal from your analogue CCTV camera into an IP signal with a video encoder. Then you can send the images wirelessly across long distances. Using a video decoder, you can then return the signal to analogue in order to store it on your analogue recorder. 

Video decoders also allow you to view IP CCTV camera footage on CCTV monitors and TVs. If you have a CCTV monitoring station with a wall of analogue screens, video decoders can convert IP camera signals to an analogue signal. This allows you to use IP cameras with your analogue monitoring equipment. The same system allows residents of a block of flats for example, to view CCTV images on their TVs.

Talk to us about a CCTV upgrade today

West London Security has the expertise to upgrade your CCTV from analogue to IP in a way that suits you, your property and your budget. Our experienced and skilled engineers can talk you through the options available and help you choose the best equipment for your CCTV installation. Call us now on 0208 676 4300 or fill out a contact form and we will call you.

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