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Secure your house on a budget with reliable and secure aluminium gates from WLS.

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    Less Wear and Tear

    Electric aluminium gates are more resistant to corrosion than wrought iron gates. This means they’ll probably last you longer and look better in the long run. As well as this – their lightweight structure will cause less wear and tear to the tracks they run on. So you won’t need to worry so much about the maintenance costs. (Although it’s good to keep an eye on them!) If you’re struggling to decide which material or style to settle on, read on and find out more. Or get in touch with our team today!

    Good As New

    Electric aluminium gates are like the superman of the gate world. Unlike timber or PVC material, you won’t see them warp, drop or crack over time. They’re stronger than you might think! You can be sure that your entrance will stay strong at looking its best for years to come. If you look after them and treat them correctly, you can avoid any damage that may cause maintenance costs to increase. Keep the mechanism in working order and don’t put any unnecessary strain on the gates. Then you’ll be set for years!


    Electric aluminium gates are generally less expensive than other options. So even if you’re looking for a lower price range – you can get secure and strong options for your home. Just because you’re not spending as much, doesn’t mean you’re getting lower quality. All of our materials are top of the range and we work with top industry leaders to provide you with the best. If you still haven’t heard enough – our team are just a call away. We will assist you with any uncertainty and talk through all of your options.


    Unlike the more traditional option of wooden gates – electric aluminium gates naturally form a protective layer over time that effectively seals the material. This can extend its life span significantly and protect it from water damage that would warp or rot wooden gates. It’s less effort to prevent degradation that will last a long time.

    Less Force Needed
    Thanks to the lightweight nature of electric aluminium gates, they do not need as much force as iron or steel to open and close. This makes them very easy to automate. If you need a more powerful system, it could cost more and also be more susceptible to wear and tear over time. So not only does it benefit your pockets, it benefits the mechanism too. Not only this – the less force needed, the safer the gate. You’re less likely to run into any trouble with pedestrians this way so not only will they keep your home or business safe, they keep you safe too.

    Another benefit to needing less force is that it actually makes the whole system safer. If it needed to suddenly stop or move quickly, it could do so with minimal effort. You’ll have less force acting on any obstacles (or people) that might get in the way. Safety is the biggest concern where vehicles or pedestrians are involved – so consider this when choosing your new gates. Even if you’re expecting vehicles exclusively, there may be times where pedestrians follow a car in or out. There’s no such thing as taking too many precautions.

    electric aluminium gates
    electric aluminium gates

    WLS has its own dedicated gate automation workshop where we can custom-make automated gates to your exact requirements. We use automatic electric gate openers from leading manufacturers to design and install the very best gate automation systems. We oversee the entire manufacturing process, from visualisation and design to manufacturing and installation. Our engineers and sales team also regularly attend training courses including those provided by Gate Safe, the independent UK charity dedicated to raining standards of gate safety, to keep up-to-date with the latest automatic electric gate opener developments.

    We can integrate your electric gates with access control systems such as door entry systems, or biometric access control panels. We also provide electric gate repairs, service and maintenance..

    Health and safety directives mean there are strict guidelines for installing automatic gates. It’s essential to ensure that the design and installation of security gates is in compliance with the latest regulations and industry security best practices. Automatic gates must also be regularly tested, and our thorough maintenance and testing programme can ensure that your electric gates are safe and fully HSE compliant. Our service engineers are qualified to work not just on WLS supplied electric gates but also automated gates provided by other companies.

    Installing security fencing ensures that your property is fully protected against unwanted and unauthorised intrusion. We can install robust fencing to integrate with your automatic electric gates, providing complete perimeter security. There are a huge range of options available depending on the security level required. Anything we install can be suited to your home or business and will match your new gates to a tee. Go all the way with WLS security measures.

    Talk To Us About A Security Gate Installation Or Automated Gate Repair

    WLS is one of the leading security gate suppliers in London and the South East. We are FAAC approved with a full range of security industry accreditations. We take a flexible, agile approach to understand your environment and your needs, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

    We employ the very best engineers and technicians, all of whom bring their own unique skills and experience to the business. Whatever your security system requirements, you can expect expert advice and cutting-edge installations. For a free site survey and quotation, call us on 020 8676 4300 or fill out our contact form.

    The WLS Guarantee – Creating Safe Spaces

    * First Time Fix or Solution Provided Every Time *

    We strive to be the World’s Leading Security Company, with an uncompromising focus on customers and the solutions we deliver. Our WLS team knows how important it is to create safe spaces you can trust, whether for your family home or business. 

    With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our expert team have closely followed the latest trends and developments in security technology. From our first installation to where we are now, our customers have always been our focus – providing an effective and high-quality result consistently. We’re proud to offer our unrivalled WLS guarantee to each of our customers. 

    We will arrive in the time slot specified.

    We treat our customers as we wish to be treated ourselves.

    We will act professionally at all times, arrive on time, smartly dressed in uniform.

    We will do our work quickly and without fuss.

    Once the work is completed we will ask you to review what we have done to ensure you are happy with the results.

    We will leave the site clean and tidy.

    We guarantee a first-time fix or to provide a solution on every call out.

    We fix 90% of problems first-time.

    If we can’t fix the problem the first time, we will propose a solution and deduct the call out charge from the cost.

    If we cannot propose a solution we will refund the call out charge.

    We guarantee transparency in our pricing.

    We provide a full breakdown of costs with every quotation.

    We will get your approval for any additional work required to ensure you are kept up to date throughout the installation.

    We will answer the phone within 10 seconds.

    We will deal with all enquiries quickly and courteously.

    We will follow up with you when we have agreed to do so.

    We will specify the best solution to meet your needs and budget.

    We only install systems that are reliable and easy to use.

    We will install the solution to the very highest standards.

    All our systems come with a 12-month part and labour WLS guarantee.

    We will offer a free service 6 months after installation to ensure all is in working order.

    Our Work

    Emergency call-out for a faulty house alarm. Boss Matthew was very helpful on the phone, especially given my vague description of the system. The engineer was round within a couple of hours and sorted things very quickly. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

    – Rowan Gibson