Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation

Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm Installers London and South East
We design, install and service business fire alarm systems in London, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. We also provide alarm monitoring services and smoke detective systems.

With over 40 years’ experience fitting commercial fire alarm services, WLS will keep your business premises and occupation safe and protected in the event of a fire.

We have installed and serviced commercial fire alarms for The Royal Exchange, CBRE, Royal College of Nursing and New Covent Garden Market.

We install Gent Fire Alarms Systems in London and the surrounding areas
Serving London for over 40 years

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    Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems we install

    WLS provides full fire alarm integration for your existing building management systems

    Fire alarm systems integrated with your existing security technology

    We create integrated systems optimised specifically to your business requirements. We can install your commercial fire alarm system and integrate it with other security systems such as CCTV, intruder alarms, access control (like Paxton), electrical and mechanical services on a cause and effect basis, through the Building Management System (BMS) to maximise the safety of your site.

    Our team of software engineers understand the latest technologies and can work with your I.T team to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation.

    WLS is an experienced wireless commercial fire alarm system installer for London and the South East

    Wireless commercial fire alarm systems

    Where cables present a problem, wireless fire alarm systems can be deployed. Our new range of wireless detectors and control panels ensure coverage can still be maintained whilst complying with all relevant records.

    We install wireless fire alarm systems (like Gent) which offer many benefits, including giving you the ability to scale and easily add extra zones when required, lower costs due to less wear and tear on your infrastructure, remote software updates, and a faster installation process with less disruption.

    WLS is a Certified Dualcom & Redcare Installer which sends fire emergency alerts to monitoring stations

    Fire brigade response with DualCom and BT Redcare connection

    In the event of a fire, our premium DualCom and BT Redcare connection service can be used in combination with our central fire alarm monitoring station to ensure the fire brigade are promptly responding to the alert. 68% of fires occur in unoccupied buildings; we can arrange key-holding for your commercial property to minimise risks.

    We are already trusted by a large number of London businesses by providing key holding services and fire alarm monitoring.

    WLS are VESDA Smoke Detection System installers for London and the UK

    VESDA aspiring smoke detection systems

    We have installed many VESDA systems in commercial and residential buildings across London and the South-east, saving lives in the process. Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is an aspiring smoke detection system used where early warning to a fire is vital. If servicing of a conventional system is problematic, or aesthetics are a major consideration such as in luxury flats and large apartment complexes or listed buildings, a VESDA system can be an ideal solution for you.

    Any commercial property where you might be in need of extremely early smoke detection might warrant a VESDA system installed, such as hospitals, schools and care homes.

    Call our fire safety experts to enquire about VESDA installation, servicing, repair and maintenance.

    Call our Fire Alarm Services Team on 020 8676 4300 to discuss your commercial fire alarm requirements.

    WLS is an approved Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm Installers in London

    Approved Gent Fire Alarm Systems Installer

    We are one of the very few licensed suppliers and installers of Gent fire alarm systems in the UK. Gent are the market leader in commercial fire alarms for large businesses that need trusted, cutting-edge fire protection on their premises. We have installed many Gent fire alarm systems, including the Viglion range.

    WLS has been protecting London for over 40+ Years

    WLS is an approved Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm Installers in London

    Why Choose WLS for your Commercial Fire Alarm Installation?

    WLS can install, program and maintain all your fire security and protection systems, including installation of wireless fire alarm systems, VESDA systems, Automatic Opening Vents, intercom and voice alarm systems.

    We integrate them together with a central fire control panel or in combination with environments such as Nurse Call systems. We are BAFE, NSI Gold, and certified Gent Fire Alarm installers, and offer exclusive DualCom and Redcare connection.

    With over 40 years of industry experience and expertise, we are trusted by manufacturers and customers alike.

    We pride ourselves on being the leading commercial fire alarm installers in London and the South-East.

    WLS is an NSI Gold registered fire & security company
    WLS is a BAFE registered fire & security company
    WLS is a Safe Contractor registered fire & security company

    Our Commercial Fire Alarm Projects

    Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Pricing

    Commercial Fire Alarm Cost - Call WLS for a quote
    We guarantee full transparency in our commercial fire alarm installation pricing. We provide a full breakdown of costs with every quotation, and will get your approval of any additional work required to ensure you are kept up to date throughout the installation.
    The cost of your fire alarm varies exponentially depending on a number of factors, including the size of your commercial property, the type of fire alarm system you are looking to install, as well as any additional elements you’d like installed into your system (such as security services, access control or CCTV). If you would like a detailed quote and cost breakdown for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    The WLS Guarantee – Creating Safe Spaces

    * First Time Fix or Solution Provided Every Time *

    WLS Commercial Fire Alarm Cost

    We work hard to be the world’s leading fire and security company, with an uncompromising focus on our customers and the solutions we deliver. Our WLS team knows how important it is to create safe spaces you can trust. Our commercial fire alarm systems and security solutions give you the peace of mind to know that your business property is well protected in the event of a fire.

    With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our expert team have their finger on the pulse with regards to the latest closely trends, developments and technology in fire and security. From our first installation to where we are now, our customers have always been our focus. Our clients know that they can rely on us to consistently provide an effective and high-quality result. We’re proud to offer our unrivalled WLS guarantee to each of our commercial customers. Contact our fire alarm services team, today!

    Our commercial fire alarm engineers will always arrive at your commercial premises within the specified time slot. We treat our customers as we wish to be treated ourselves. We will act professionally at all times, arrive on time, smartly dressed in uniform. We will do our work quickly and without fuss. Once the work is completed we will ask you to review what we have done to ensure you are happy with the results.

    We guarantee a first-time fix, or to provide a solution on every call out. We fix 90% of problems first-time for most commercial fire alarms. If we can’t fix a problem with your fire alarm system right away, we will propose a solution and deduct the call out charge from the cost. If we cannot propose a solution we will refund the call out charge.
    We will answer the phone within 10 seconds. We will deal with all enquiries quickly and courteously, and will follow up with you when we have agreed to do so.
    We will specify the best solution to meet your needs and budget. We will only install systems that are reliable and easy to use. We will install the solution to the very highest industry standards. All our commercial fire alarm systems come with a 12-month part and labour WLS warranty. We offer free service 6 months after the installation to ensure your fire alarm system is in full working order. We also provide fire alarm repair and maintenance out of contract.

    Commercial Fire Alarm FAQs

    Yes. All our commercial fire alarm systems are vigorously tested and adhere to the strict industry standard levels of safety.

    Yes, we do. GENT fire alarms have to be installed by specialist installers, and we are one of the few certified UK installers of GENT fire alarm systems. We have installed over 500 Gent fire alarms in London and across the south-east.

    Your commercial fire alarm system will vary in price depending on several factors such as the number of fire alarms you are having installed, the technology you are choosing to have installed and the size of your property. Do not hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss specific pricing with you.

    According to the National Fire Alarm Regulations, you should be running weekly tests of your commercial fire alarm system to ensure that it is functioning properly. You should check the alarm panel daily for faults. By law, a commercial fire alarm should be serviced every 3-6 to 12-months. All checks should be recorded in the fire alarm log book in order to comply with fire safety requirements.

    Yes, we offer regular fire alarm system maintenance. We have been installing and maintaining fire alarms for over 25 years, and are well-practised in ensuring that our clients do not have to worry about their fire safety.

    Our call out charge includes 30 minutes of labour for £135.00 plus VAT. We offer an additional labour per hour for £95.00 plus VAT. If you have any further questions about pricing, please get in touch with our team of experts.

    Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of premium security systems for our commercial clients, such as CCTV, intruder alarms, door entry systems and access control.

    Voice alarm systems are often installed in place of conventional sounders particularly where phased evacuation is a requirement.

    Automatic Opening Vents release smoke from corridors particularly in “Stay in place” scenarios. AOV systems can be integrated with a fire control panel for enhanced fire prevention.

    DDA fire alarm systems are frequently combined with intercom systems to assist in the evacuation of disabled individuals in the event of a fire. These are often included as part of a nurse call system in assisted living environments, where a panic alarm can be used to allow patients to alert nursing staff for assistance in an emergency. Enhance your fire security & protection to create a WLS safe space.