Commercial Access Control Installation in London

WLS are Commercial Access Control Installers for London

We install professional keyless access control systems on commercial premises across London, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.

With over 40 years experience installing and maintaining state of the art access control systems, WLS will ensure that no unauthorised individuals can enter your premises, and that sensitive spaces on your premises remain secured to only those employees who have the required access.

As Genetec approved installers, our commercial customers can rest assured that when they choose WLS, they are choosing the best.

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    Types of Commercial Access Control Solutions We Install

    At WLS, we offer a comprehensive range of access control systems to our commercial customers. Our skillset and depth of knowledge is among the best in the industry, so our team will work closely with your business to tailor your security access control to your exact needs. There are three main keyless entry technologies available:

    WLS Installs Access Control Systems using RFID

    RFID Access Control

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access that operates using proximity door locks. Proximity card readers enable access using key fobs and key cards. Key fob entry systems for commercial buildings are a powerful way to secure your premises.

    WLS Installs Access Control Systems using biometrics (Fingerprint and Retina Scanning)

    Biometric Access Control

    Commercial biometric door entry systems that use fingerprint or facial recognition to enable access to premises.

    WLS Installs Access Control Systems using card reader

    Card Access Control

    Access control using traditional card readers with smart cards or swipe cards. Office key card entry systems, as well as general commercial building entry systems are an easy, yet important way to protect your business premises.

    Each system is unique to the premises at which it’s installed. WLS works carefully with all our clients to install an access security system tailored to their specific needs, including standard gate control or complete turnstile systems, ideal for office receptions. We have designed and installed hotel, school and office systems; see our access control case studies for more information. As with all our security options, we offer attractive leasing finance.

    WLS has been protecting London for over 40+ Years

    WLS is an approved Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm Installers in London

    Why Choose WLS for your Access Control System?

    We install professional keyless access control systems on commercial premises across London, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. With over 40 years experience installing and maintaining state of the art access control systems, WLS will ensure that no unauthorised individuals can enter your premises, and that sensitive spaces on your premises remain secured to only those employees who have the required access.

    We pride ourselves on being the leading Commercial Access Control installers in London and the South-East.

    WLS is an NSI Gold registered fire & security company
    WLS is a BAFE registered fire & security company
    WLS is a Safe Contractor registered fire & security company
    WLS is a Certified Paxton Access Control Partner and Installer

    We Are Approved Installers for Genetec and Paxton Access Control

    WLS are experts at installing and sustaining the latest access control technologies including market-leading from both Genetec and Paxton Security UK. We are accredited and licensed installers for both Genetec and Paxton Access control systems. We also install access solutions for Honeywell Pro-Watch, Salto, Impro and TDSi.

    We have worked with all sizes of commercial clients and on all types of jobs from installing and maintaining single control point solutions through to multi-entry role-based site access control technology linked to a central monitoring station. We installed commercial building entry systems for large hospitals, hotels, and commercial sites. We can link gate access control systems for organisations spanning different continents, feeding back to a central control location.

    No matter the size of the challenge, or the size of your commercial property, WLS has the proven knowledge and experience to keep your business secured.

    Our Access Control Projects

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    Commercial Networked Access Control Systems

    Networked access control systems provide affordable and expandable access control solutions for schools, businesses and more. They also offer a multitude of administrative benefits, including time and attendance software, fire roll call reports, security lock down and anti-pass back. You can integrate a networked access control system with other systems such as your CCTV system and expand it as your business grows. Add new users, new doors and even new buildings as and when required, simply, with a push of a button. Controlled door entry systems are a simple way to ensure your premises stay secure.

    What Are Commercial Access Control Systems?

    A commercial access control system empowers businesses to meticulously regulate entry to their premises, ensuring only authorised individuals gain access through the use of identifying technology including cards, keypads, biometric data, and various authentication techniques.
    Access control systems are vital security measure for office or commercial buildings, as they offer a comprehensive audit trail that enables businesses to monitor entry times and personnel movements. This feature is instrumental in identifying any unusual activities, as every access attempt is meticulously logged and documented. Additionally, these access control systems boast the capability to seamlessly integrate with additional security measures, including CCTV video surveillance, intrusion alarms, and fire safety systems, which enhances the overall security infrastructure. Commercial access control systems offer a layer of security to your business premises, giving you full control over entry points, and offering you peace of mind.
    Benefits of access control in offices

    Benefits of Commercial Access Control Systems

    • Access control systems are easy to configure and manage.
    • Your teams can forget about the hassle associated with traditional keys.
    • You can set specific access times and levels with an access control system.
    • You can keep track of who is coming and going with supportive CCTV.
    • Improved security tailored to your specific needs.
    Experience access control services in London

    WLS – Installing Quality Access Control Solutions

    While the concept is simple, and building entry systems have been around for some time, the technology hasn’t stood still (in fact far from it). We have been working at the forefront of access control technology for more than 20 years, and WLS systems are more efficient and adaptable than ever.

    We work with industry-leaders Genetec for whom we are one of their top-ranked Prowatch dealers, and Paxton Access, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems. We are also an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold approved installer, meaning you can be assured of the very highest standards and professionalism. Couple all of this with guarantee your commercial access security needs are in safe hands.

    Integrated access control with building management systems

    Integrating Commercial Access Control Systems with Powerful Software

    When fitting out premises with several controlled gates or doors it is usual to link them to a PC-controlled system. Intuitive and sophisticated software links the card-issuing system with a personnel database. This allows security staff to issue fobs or cards, linking them with personnel and other information and defining personalised or role-based access levels.

    Time and attendance packages can be added to the basic system to allow effective and efficient access control management. Cards can also include photo ID using fast ‘magicard’ printers, with the computer linked to a webcam and instant card printing to speed up security clearance for new starters. Our team will discuss the right options with you for your organisation when we meet.

    WLS is a Certified Commercial Access Control Partner for the leading brands.

    Speak To Our Access Control Installation Team

    Our experience in installing access control systems and integrating them with other systems is unrivalled. We are NSI Gold accredited and approved installers of most access control brands. These include Genetec, Paxton, Honeywell Pro-Watch and Salto.

    Call our access control system installation team on 020 8676 4300 or fill out a contact form. They will arrange a visit to your premises and provide a tailored solution and quote for your business.

    The WLS Guarantee – Creating Safe Spaces

    * First Time Fix or Solution Provided Every Time *

    WLS Commercial Access Control Cost

    We work hard to be the world’s leading fire and security company, with an uncompromising focus on our customers and the solutions we deliver. Our WLS team knows how important it is to create safe spaces you can trust. Our commercial fire alarm systems and security solutions give you the peace of mind to know that your business property is well protected.

    With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our expert team have their finger on the pulse with regards to the latest closely trends, developments and technology in fire and security. From our first installation to where we are now, our customers have always been our focus. Our clients know that they can rely on us to consistently provide an effective and high-quality result. We’re proud to offer our unrivalled WLS guarantee to each of our commercial customers.

    Our Access Control engineers will always arrive at your commercial premises within the specified time slot. We treat our customers as we wish to be treated ourselves. We will act professionally at all times, arrive on time, smartly dressed in uniform. We will do our work quickly and without fuss. Once the work is completed we will ask you to review what we have done to ensure you are happy with the results.

    We guarantee a first-time fix, or to provide a solution on every call out. We fix 90% of problems first-time for most commercial access control systems. If we can’t fix a problem with your access control system right away, we will propose a solution and deduct the call out charge from the cost. If we cannot propose a solution we will refund the call out charge.
    We will answer the phone within 10 seconds. We will deal with all enquiries quickly and courteously, and will follow up with you when we have agreed to do so.
    We will specify the best solution to meet your needs and budget. We will only install systems that are reliable and easy to use. We will install the solution to the very highest industry standards. All our systems come with a 12-month part and labour WLS warranty. We offer free service 6 months after the installation to ensure your access control system is in full working order. We also provide access control repair and maintenance out of contract.

    Access Control FAQs

    Access control security encompasses a system specifically devised to manage and regulate entry to physical spaces, such as buildings, rooms, or facilities. Its primary objective is to guarantee that only authorised individuals gain admission to secure areas, thereby thwarting unauthorised access and bolstering the overall security of the facility.

    Utilising diverse methods like access cards, biometric door entry systems, or PIN codes, access control security systems verify presented credentials against a database of authorised users. If the credential is validated, access is granted; otherwise, unauthorised users face denial of access or may trigger an alarm, alerting security personnel to a potential security breach.

    Integration with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, or intercoms, is common in access control security. This integration offers a comprehensive security solution for a facility, enabling security personnel to closely monitor access activity and promptly respond to potential security threats.

    Access control security finds widespread application in diverse settings, including government buildings, airports, hospitals, industrial facilities, as well as commercial and residential buildings. It stands as a crucial element in overall security measures, safeguarding individuals and property from potential security vulnerabilities.

    There are various reasons why implementing an access control and door entry system in your business or facility may be necessary. Here are some of the most prevalent ones:

    Improved security: Door entry systems for businesses offer a superior level of security compared to traditional locks and keys. They can be programmed to permit entry only to authorised personnel in specific areas, while also maintaining a record of individuals entering and leaving. This feature aids in preventing unauthorised access and serves as a deterrent to theft and other criminal activities.

    Convenience: Access control systems prove to be more convenient, particularly for larger facilities or businesses, compared to traditional lock and key mechanisms. Instead of dealing with the distribution and management of keys for each door or area, these systems enable centralised access management. Additionally, the system facilitates easy addition or removal of access for employees or visitors as required.

    Compliance: Certain industries or facilities, such as healthcare establishments or data centres, are obligated by law to implement access control systems. These systems assist in ensuring that your business or facility adheres to relevant regulations or standards.

    Cost savings: Over time, access control systems contribute to cost savings by reducing the necessity for re-keying locks or replacing lost keys. They also mitigate the risk of theft or property damage, thereby minimising the likelihood of expensive insurance claims.

    Peace of mind: The assurance that your business or facility is secure and well-protected can offer peace of mind to both you and your employees. Access control systems play a role in averting security breaches and provide a documented history of access activity for potential incidents or investigations.

    In summary, an access control system can deliver numerous advantages to your business or facility, including heightened security, convenience, compliance, cost savings, and peace of mind.

    The frequency of maintenance for an access control system is contingent on various factors, including the system type, usage intensity, and environmental conditions. Generally, it is advisable to engage in professional maintenance checks for access control systems at least once annually to guarantee their proper functionality.

    Several factors influence the recommended service intervals for an access control system:

    Usage level: Systems that experience frequent use may necessitate more regular maintenance checks to verify the optimal functioning of all components.

    Environment: Access control systems exposed to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, or dust, may require more frequent maintenance to safeguard all components from potential damage.

    Type of system: Different access control systems may exhibit distinct maintenance requirements. For instance, biometric access control systems might need more frequent checks to ensure the accurate capture and verification of user data by biometric readers.

    Manufacturer recommendations: The manufacturer of the access control system may offer specific maintenance guidelines based on the system’s design and features.

    In addition to the yearly maintenance checks, promptly addressing any issues or malfunctions with the access control system is crucial to prevent further damage or security breaches. Regular cleaning and testing of your office door buzzer system also play a vital role in ensuring proper functionality and proactively averting potential problems.

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