Who the customer was

During the pandemic, Henrietta House, the home to CBRE UK, underwent refurbishments. As part of these refurbishments, PIP Contractors requested our assistance with the fire and security elements of the project. Thanks to our expertise, and highly trained team of Access Control and Gent installers, we were able to provide Henrietta House with the exact services they required for their unique commercial premises.

What we installed

We were contracted to install high-end fire systems, premium access control and commercial CCTV. We installed the following systems;

  • Axis M3045V Dome CCTV systems
  • State-of-the-art CCTV system
  • Cloud-based access control system
  • Gent Viglion Fire Panel
  • Gent Voice Alarm System

Our highly-skilled engineers worked closely on the designing and installing of the project. As a result, we were able to install state of the art access control system and Gent’s high-end fire alarm systems onto the site.

Why we work with Gent

At WLS, we only partner with the best. Your safety and security is our top priority, and we don’t compromise when it comes to the brands we choose to install. As licensed Gent installers, we have the expertise and experience to install any complex commercial access control or fire alarm systems from the best providers on the market.


The installation went flawlessly, and resulted in a successful implementation of premium Access Control and Gent systems. The client was thrilled with the work we conducted, and signed a maintenance contract with us to ensure that we continue working with them on their security and safety systems. The client has since then signed on a continued contract with WLS.

“Our customers tell us it’s our people that set us apart.”