Residential CCTV Installation and Servicing In London

With over 40 years of industry experience, we install discreet camera monitoring systems with a powerful deterrence factor across London and the surrounding areas. A reliable CCTV installation from WLS will give you the footage you can depend on for those rare occasions it is required. By choosing WLS for your residential CCTV installation, you are choosing safety, security, and peace of mind.

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    Why Choose WLS For Residential CCTV Installation?

    Our vast industry experience and accreditations, including NSI Gold and ISO certified, ensure that we have the expertise to efficiently and professionally install your residential CCTV system, tailor made for your home. Homeowners across London have trusted us with the security of properties, which is a job we take very seriously. We are committed to providing the highest level of service possible when it comes to the installation and maintenance of your residential security systems.

    Types of Residential CCTV Services We Offer

    IP CCTV Installation

    An IP CCTV installation allows you to monitor your CCTV security systems with remote access for live video and playback on your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world.

    HD CCTV Cameras With Infrared Technology

    WLS provides HD CCTV cameras from 1080p HD up to 4K quality, essential if you ever require the footage for evidence of a crime. We can install High Definition camera systems to upgrade or replace your current system using your existing coaxial cabling. Our CCTV with infrared technology greatly improves visibility of the system, and connects to your broadband for remote viewing via a smartphone or tablet.

    Authorised Installers of Dahua CCTV And Surveillance

    We only install the best possible residential CCTV and security systems, which is why we partner closely with Dahua. As authorised Dahua installers, we design, install and maintain Dahua security systems for our commercial customers to the highest possible standards.

    Residential CCTV Systems, Designed For Your Home

    When you choose WLS for your at home CCTV security system, you are investing in a completely bespoke security solution that is custom-built for your property and your exact security requirements. We work closely with our customers to ensure their security system delivers ultimate protection for their family, property and assets. We also offer our clients the flexibility of adding on additional security services, such as access control, gates and fire alarms to their security systems for an integrated security experience.

    Residential CCTV Maintenance and Servicing

    Regular maintenance of your residential CCTV systems is an integral part of ensuring that your systems are always fully operational. You wouldn’t want to discover that your CCTV system was down when you’re trying to access footage of a break in. We offer scheduled CCTV maintenance and servicing to our commercial clients.

    The WLS Guarantee – Creating Safe Spaces

    * First Time Fix or Solution Provided Every Time *

    We work hard to be the UK’s leading safety and security company, with an uncompromising focus on our customers and the solutions we deliver. Our WLS team knows how important it is to create safe spaces you can trust. Our CCTV and surveillance systems give you the peace of mind to know that your residential property is well protected in the event of a breakin. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our expert team have closely followed the latest trends and developments in security and technology. From our first installation to where we are now, our customers have always been our focus. Our clients know that they can rely on us to consistently provide an effective and high-quality result.

    We’re proud to offer our unrivalled WLS guarantee to each of our residential customers.

    We will always arrive at your residential premises within the specified timeslot. We treat our customers as we wish to be treated ourselves. We will act professionally at all times, arrive on time, smartly dressed in uniform. We will do our work quickly and without fuss. Once the work is completed we will ask you to review what we have done to ensure you are happy with the results.
    We guarantee a first-time fix, or to provide a solution on every call out. We fix 90% of problems first-time for most residential CCTV. If we can’t fix a problem with your CCTV system right away, we will propose a solution and deduct the call out charge from the cost. If we cannot propose a solution we will refund the call out charge.
    We will answer the phone within 10 seconds. We will deal with all enquiries quickly and courteously, and will follow up with you when we have agreed to do so.
    We will specify the best solution to meet your needs and budget. We will only install CCTV systems that are reliable and easy to use. We will install the solution to the very highest industry standards. All our systems come with a 12-month part and labour WLS warranty. We offer free service 6 months after the installation to ensure your CCTV system is in full working order. We also provide CCTV repair and maintenance out of contract.

    Our Work

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    Residential Intruder Alarm FAQs

    According to the ICO, people have the right to install CCTV cameras and smart doorbells on their property. They should try to point cameras away from neighbours’ homes and gardens, shared spaces or public streets. But this is not always possible, and it is not illegal to do so.

    The cost of CCTV depends on the type of system and number of cameras, but it can also give you peace of mind that your property is safe and secure and acts as a deterrent to potential intruders. A basic CCTV system is also very cost effective to run as it is low voltage and just requires one basic service each year.

    If a potential burglar sees a security camera, they know that the property is likely well protected and also that if they did carry out the crime, that they stand a higher chance of being identified and therefore caught and prosecuted for the offence.

    We recommend that your residential CCTV systems be serviced on an annual basis.

    Footage is recorded on a hard-drive within the NVR (network video recorder), and the size of the hard drive can be tailored to the needs of your system.

    Not all systems require wifi, but the benefit of a CCTV system that does have a wifi connection is that you can view the CCTV footage (both live and playback) on any remote device (phone/tablet/computer).

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