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Be in even while you’re out with the latest, top quality intruder alarm system from WLS.

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Always complying with the latest British standards and utilising the best technology – you’d be mad not to take a look at a WLS intruder alarm system. We have the latest products including:

  • GPRS Alarms
  • Wireless/Radio based alarms
  • Proximity token control
  • Redcare connection
Stop A Burglary Before It Even Happens

One of the biggest benefits of installing an intruder alarm system is that it can deter burglars before they even enter your home. Knowing they could possibly get caught puts them off massively as they just want an easy break-in. Don’t give them the opportunity – make it as difficult and unattractive for them as possible. It’s worth it as 89% of ex-convicts admitted they would be put off a home with a security system.

GPRS Intruder Alarm System

Using mobile networks and 4G technology to transmit signals means you can ensure regular back-ups by phone lines. You can upgrade your current monitoring system with a GPRS modem to get the most efficient and cost-effective result. In the unlikely event of failure, GPRS alarms can be programmed to report the failure to the control room, so you’re always aware.

Wireless/Radio Based Alarms

If you want a quick fix or have a listed/historic building, a wireless intruder alarm system could be a hassle-free alternative. They are practical and offer a high level of protection without the wires. If you’re looking for a space-saving security measure, these could be the way forward.

Proximity Token Control

Don’t worry about disarming the entire building to let one person in. With proximity tokens, you can keep the main system active while localised alarms are switched off to let people in. It will not effect the security of the rest of the building and you’ll remain completely aware of who comes in or out at all moments.

Emergency Response

Redcare connection to our central monitoring station will allow for emergency service response in a timely manner. Should the unlikely event of a break-in occur, the police will be notified. We also offer keyholding services to keep the property in safe hands at all times.

Modern systems are installed to the highest engineering standards to reduce false trigger rates to a minimum. A well-maintained burglar alarm will improve police response, with fewer false alarm call-outs for the police & less administration work for you.

West London Security products have an enviable track record in minimising false triggers and we’re always looking for innovative ways to further improve.

We use the most advanced Redcare Secure signalling system to connect & monitor intruder alarms from our central monitoring station.

Redcare is a well-established division of BT and the UK leader in signalling services. It already works with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the country and uses mobile wireless networks backed up by landline telephone signals. Its security systems are future-proofed against changes to the telephone network and can adapt to your changing needs.

West London Security always looks at the wider security environment and we’re experts at integrating deterrents and alerts with your wider security system.

Our central monitoring station can link your intruder alarms and IP CCTV network, so CCTV is automatically activated and relayed to our operators when an alarm is activated. Installing loudspeakers on your premises means our operators can also talk to suspected intruders.

As well as linking with CCTV systemssmoke detectors and fire alarms can be added to a system for a completely integrated security network.

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WLS is one of the leading security suppliers in London and the South East. We are FAAC approved with a full range of security industry accreditations. For a free site survey and quotation, call us on 020 8676 4300 or fill out our contact form.

The WLS Guarantee – Creating Safe Spaces

* First Time Fix or Solution Provided Every Time *

We strive to be the World’s Leading Security Company, with an uncompromising focus on customers and the solutions we deliver. Our WLS team knows how important it is to create safe spaces you can trust, whether for your family home or business. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our expert team have closely followed the latest trends and developments in security technology. From our first installation to where we are now, our customers have always been our focus – providing an effective and high-quality result consistently. We’re proud to offer our unrivalled WLS guarantee to each of our customers. 

We will arrive in the time slot specified.

We treat our customers as we wish to be treated ourselves.

We will act professionally at all times, arrive on time, smartly dressed in uniform.

We will do our work quickly and without fuss.

Once the work is completed we will ask you to review what we have done to ensure you are happy with the results.

We will leave the site clean and tidy.

We guarantee a first-time fix or to provide a solution on every call out.

We fix 90% of problems first-time.

If we can’t fix the problem the first time, we will propose a solution and deduct the call out charge from the cost.

If we cannot propose a solution we will refund the call out charge.

We guarantee transparency in our pricing.

We provide a full breakdown of costs with every quotation.

We will get your approval for any additional work required to ensure you are kept up to date throughout the installation.

We will answer the phone within 10 seconds.

We will deal with all enquiries quickly and courteously.

We will follow up with you when we have agreed to do so.

We will specify the best solution to meet your needs and budget.

We only install systems that are reliable and easy to use.

We will install the solution to the very highest standards.

All our systems come with a 12-month part and labour WLS guarantee.

We will offer a free service 6 months after installation to ensure all is in working order.

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