Oscars night is, hands down, the most glamorous event in the global calendar. But behind all the beautiful A-listers, designer frocks and fabulous jewels, there’s a security challenge just as huge as the razzmatazz attached to the awards themselves.

And part of that challenge is ensuring that every celebrity, movie big-wig and film fan in the crowd is safe and secure while enabling it all to look effortless, informal and super stylish.

At WLS, we may not be tasked with safeguarding the famous faces of the silver screen – though we’re always ready to take that call and leap on a plane to LA! – but we routinely work with the same challenge of ensuring our award winning security installations are tight without being suffocating.

Whether we’re helping clients protect their office property and equipment, ensuring the safety and security of lone workers or implementing safeguarding strategies for schools, our expertise means that we can achieve high security while ensuring the measures in place remain low key.

So, how do we do it?

There is no one set answer to that question because every environment is different and a key part of our role is to listen to the client, understand their requirements and develop a suite of solutions that meets their needs. Often, that means combining a number of elements, including CCTV, access control, door entry systems, fencing and gates. In many cases, it also involves integrating the security systems with fire systems and the BMS.

In fact, even within a single building or campus, the needs of the end-user can vary and we may need to introduce zoning to enable flexibility across the property and at different times of day.

For example, in a primary school setting, children and parents need to be able to access school grounds freely at drop off and pick up but, during school hours, safeguarding protocols call for security measures that make it simple to protect pupils from intruders and to prevent them from leaving the premises without authorisation – all without making the school seem enclosed or intimidating. Then, in the evening, parts of the school may need to remain open for school or community activities while the remainder is locked down, and at weekends there’s a need to prevent break-ins or vandalism.

Our expertise is in assessing individual sites to understand the security challenges, propose the best solutions for the available budget and carry out seamless installations. We can even offer ongoing maintenance and servicing.

It may not win us international fame and fortune and the opportunity to pose for pictures on the red carpet, but knowing that we’re keeping people and property safe brings its own rewards. If you’d like to talk to us about your security systems, give us a call now on 020 8676 4300 or fill out a web form and we will make you the VIP.

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