Integrating access control with other systems has become more and more common. Gone are the days when  systems only opened doors. Advancements in software interfacing and integration technology mean it is now possible to connect your control system to a number of other systems. This simplifies administration and saves you time and money.

Integrating access control systems with fire alarms

When it comes to integrating access control with other systems, fire alarm integration allows your fire alarm to alert the access control system that it needs to unlock all of the doors. So, in the event of a fire, staff can then exit the building quickly and safely. It is also possible for the fire marshal to print a roll call from the system. They will immediately know who is in the building and who is not. They can then cross off staff members’ names from the list as they arrive at the muster point.

You can also do this digitally, by way of a card or fob reader at the muster point. The fire marshal then checks all staff have left the building on a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, biometric fingerprint readers alleviate the need for key cards or fobs. They also solve the problem of staff leaving cards behind.

Integrating CCTV systems

Integrating access control with other systems, including CCTV, has many benefits. Firstly, when someone unlocks a door the system can alert a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera. The camera can then point at the specific door and start recording. It can also alert a camera to start recording at a higher frame rate when the door opens. With most systems, you can view CCTV footage via the control software. You can also receive email and text alerts when a person opens or unlocks a door, or leaves it open, leading to greater peace of mind and more security.

Building management systems (BMS)

Essentially, with these systems, you can specify any outcome to any trigger. This also allows you to integrate your control system with your building management system (BMS). When the first staff member enters the building in the morning, the access control system can alert the BMS. The BMS can then switch on all the lights, heating or air conditioning. When the access control system locks down at night, the system can switch them off, saving time, energy and money.

Intruder alarm integration

Sometimes, integrating access control with other systems, like an intruder alarm, is less common but not without benefits. It is usual to have certain staff members who have the authorisation to deactivate the intruder alarm. Integrate the intruder alarm with the access control system and it can be set up to unlock doors only when the intruder alarm is disarmed. If one of the authorised staff members has not arrived, the access control system will not work for others.

Integrating your access system with your other security systems helps to consolidate your set-up. You can easily administrate everything, including your fire alarm, intruder alarm, CCTV and BMS, from one PC. Key cards or fobs can be set up to work with both the access control system and intruder alarm. Control systems like Paxton’s Net2 Anywhere also allow remote monitoring via a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Talk to us about integrating access control with other systems

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