CCTV Analytics

How CCTV Analytics Can Save Your Business Time & Money

CCTV analytics software provides an automatic, accurate identification of events captured by CCTV cameras. When used with facial recognition and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), this technology can recognise faces, people, different vehicle types, and bags. It can also track speed, the direction of movement, and the amount of time a person or object spends in a certain area. You can identify events such as unauthorised entry, vehicle movements and objects left in or removed from an area as potential threats. When they occur, these events trigger alarms to notify you or your security staff.

Intelligent CCTV analytics learn by example

These analytics can also predict further actions by persons or vehicles. For example, it can predict the movement of a car through a car park. That is because analytics programs are now self-learning and adapt to environment they are in. They learn by example, so you can go through a day’s CCTV footage identifying alarms and false alarms. The system will learn to differentiate between what is important and what is not.

It can identify false alarms

CCTV analytics can also learn via pattern-based learning. The system will begin to recognise objects by their movements and characteristics. For example, foxes might often run through a park at night. The system will flag this up several times but after a while it will start to ignore them. The system now recognises the size, shape and movements of a fox and knows it is not a threat. Unless of course, you keep chickens, then you can specify that a fox is indeed a threat. The system will continue to warn you about foxes.

Tracking suspects or suspect vehicles with CCTV analytics

Using analytics, a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) CCTV camera can track a suspect around a site. This is particularly useful in situations such as construction sites or car parks. Add facial recognition and ANPR and your CCTV system can track specific individuals or vehicles. You can also create access lists, which open barriers or notify you when VIPs enter a site. Any vehicles not on the access list can trigger an alarm to inform security staff. It means you can create a ‘digital fence’ rather than a physical barrier. This is also useful for car parks, either to prevent unauthorised parking or set time limits.

The benefits of CCTV video analytics & ANPR

Firstly, CCTV video analytics saves time. There is no longer a need to search through hours of footage to find an event. It also saves money, as there is also no need to have staff monitoring CCTV at all hours of the day and night. CCTV analytics can also help create a more open and welcoming environment for schools, as well as protection against thefts in offices. Faster access control is possible with ANPR and facial recognition. ANPR and facial recognition is now more cost effective as it is built in to camera heads (Avigilon, Hikvision, Bosch, Axis, Samsung) so you don’t have to buy separate software/modules.

Talk to us about how CCTV analytics could help you

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